Creative Direction & Design

Fox Holiday Cards

Thank VIP clients/content partners for continued business with Fox Networks, while promoting our nets & priority shows. By gifting “the gift of choice,” clients could select 1-of-a-kind art/memorabilia from the Fox Networks portfolio. Via options, we offered something for all tastes/interests, while showcasing breadth & mass appeal of Fox Networks' programming. The holiday mailer is composed of 4 custom cards with colored edges and a pre-stamped reply card, each with uniquely designed details specific to Fox Networks' priority programming. The holiday cards are placed in a custom designed die-cut carrier that allowed our embossed, spot UV coated Fox Networks logo to shine through plus frosty blue foiling for extra emphasis and design specific to the holidays.

Challenges: 1) Create cohesive Portfolio mailer while still letting individual nets’ gifts shine through 2) Create high-end, unique item for each net desirable enough for client to display @ home or office, while promoting the net 3) Break through mass holiday-related clutter & truly stand apart.